5 Ways My Make Up Addiction is Healthy…ish!

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When I put on make up, I’m not doing it to pander to antiquated patriarchal ideals of feminine beauty.  I’m doing it because it makes me feel good.            ~#GirlBoss, Sophia Amorous

I know how frustrating it can be for anyone who shares a dwelling with a dedicated make up enthusiast.  *raises her hand loud and proud*. I monopolize the first floor bathroom with all my eye shadow palettes and tubes and jars of creams and powders.  I’d apologize, but to be quite honest, I’m not THAT sorry.  I create excuses to go to Ulta or Sephora! I run an online makeup e commerce site for goodness sake (link found below.) At this point I cannot deny it.  My name is Jennifer and I’m addicted to make up!  BUT, before you judge, let me try and explain.  I welcome you to MY courtroom where we will put my make up addiction on trial.  I’ll let you be the judge.  Is make up worth the trouble and expense?

Opening Remarks:

Your honor, blog nation and esteemed critics, I intend to defend the exasperated notion that women spend too much time (and money) on make up products.  I will demonstrate that this time spent has value and further try and convince the skeptics to view this sacred time with tolerance.   We have heard cries from our children and significant others for centuries.  Now I am choosing to defend sista-nation and shed light on what we’ve known for years, make up is healthy-ish!

My Defense- 5 Ways My Make Up Addiction is Healthy-ish…..

  1.  Like my super fab hustler Sophia Amorous #GirlBoss mentioned above, the #1 reason I wear make up is because it makes me feel good.  When I am feeling depressed or ugly, I  wash my face, grab a cup of coffee (oooooh that is a whole other ‘addiction post’ right there!) and engage in the soothing ritual of putting on ”my face” as my Sittee (Grandma) would say.  The act of prepping my face and picking out colors calms me. The very task of sorting make up brushes makes me feel better.  I feel more in control.  The old adage “you look good, you feel good” seems to be completely true! This brings me to the second reason this addiction is healthy….
  2. Make up application is a natural de-stress.  As a busy mommy of a brilliant 6 year old, a full time police officer and this blogging obsession, I have no other time in my day to focus on myself as I do in the 20 minutes I spend putting on my make up.  I love the coveted time when Lex is in school, to relax, listen to some music and compose myself. Fast forward 3 hours and a client wants a quick face-to-face, I swipe on some fun lipgloss (my fav) and breeze into my meeting, confident and smart with a perfectly coifed face to match.  Which segues nicely into my third point of defense…
  3. Nothing boosts your confidence like looking as though you have your shit together.  Listen, I have nothing against women who have natural beauty.  You know the ones that look like they just rolled out of bed with Max Factor?  I’m just not one of them.  I need some serious foundation and a deft hand with the eye make ups.  But once I “apply myself” and complete my look, I feel like a million bucks.  Every single one of us have had that moment where we catch our reflection in the hallway mirror as we fly past and think to ourselves “Ahhhh!  There she is, there is the inner goddess who is gonna slay this meeting!”  We smile to ourselves and almost pity the poor fool who is on the other side of the negotiating table.  Take THAT Max Factor!
  4. As much as I hate to confirm stereotypes, women are gregarious creatures.  We go to the bathroom in gaggles and love to bond over a good make up sesh!  Goodness, we have entire make up parties where we ohhhh and ahhhh at purple goop we’re applied all over our faces.  My best friend, Jess and I, some times meet at our local MAC store and get our make up done.  In doing so, I’ve become awesome friends with store manager, also named Jen! We chat about life while she creates color magic on my 40 something face.  It’s pampering and FUN!!! Jess and I walk out feeling like mini super heroes….and go to lunch and talk about life.


  5. I disagree!! But even the staunchest of make up meanies will agree that make up is highly transformational!  Party too hard last night?  Feeling under the weather? Need to hide embarrassing scars or marks? Need to let your inner diva out?  Make up can do all these things and more!!!  Lots of women and men will tell truly inspirational stories of transformation.  It’s one of the reasons reality make over shows are so popular.  Make up is emotional , a form of personal expression ancient and wise in origin.

Your honor? Blog Nation? I finally rest my case.  I hope I’ve achieved the goals I set forth for myself.  I hope a few more of you wander out of my digital courtroom with a bit more understanding of the mirky world of cosmetics.   I believe in make up so much that I own online shop of products I love.  I’ll leave you the link HERE!  (This is  an affiliate site meaning I make a few pennies per sale, but I’m a make up junkie to my very core and I would love to see YOUR make up “looks!”)

I am interested in hearing your opinion or your story!  Do you agree or disagree with my make up defense?  Can you share a time when you put on your “girl armor” and rocked? Are you a Pink Collar Girl?  Don’t worry about those critics, just do you!




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