A Dozen Dates That Don’t Cost a Dime

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Every woman, no matter her age or financial situation, can still nail planning a date like a boss. We have put together this fun list of a dozen dates that don’t cost a dime! This list guarantees some much needed “us time!” No cost dates can be romantic and special for your true love.  Read on for some inspiration!

A Dozen Dates That Don’t Cost You a Dime- Part I

  1. Plan a Yard Project- Build some planter boxes or plant Lilac bushes. They are endless garden ideas available. It gives your manly man a chance to use those sexy power tools and scrap wood!  Try one of these fun ideas, we love #5!   15 One Day Garden Projects Anyone Can Do.
  2. Draw a Bath- Even the bathroom can be a sensual experience. Light some candles, put on über romantic music and add some essential oil to the water and you have a recipe for love! Bathing together can be a smorgasbord of tactile delight and soothing aromas.
  3. Raid the Pantry/Fridge- Just like those fun cooking challenge shows on TV, oftentimes you can make an amazing meal from ingredients you already have at home. Pull together an amazing meal with your love muffin and dine in! Mmmm, you can be dessert!
  4. Love Scavenger Hunt- Make him (or her) work a bit! The prize is well worth the hunt! You can find tons on the internet, we adore this one from The Dating Divas HERE! 
  5. Finish a Project/Clean a Room- Believe it or not, the couple that completes together, stays together. What do you think is the number one most fought over subject in all relationships? Yep! Issues involving cleaning and organizing. Lovingly complete a household project together? Give your closet a make over! Organize the spare bedroom. Throw on some music and have a ball, most of all, the two of you will have fun AND feel productive at the same time!
  6. Picnic- For a modern twist, pack a picnic and surprise him at work! Dine in his office, break room or conference room. Your sweetie will adore your effort and have fun showing you off to his colleagues. If this isn’t practical, then a traditional blanket and basket in a lovely spot is still classy!
  7. A Long Drive- OMG! This is a PCC fav! Load up some awesome traveling music, we love this romantic list: 50 Best Love Songs of All Time! and hit the road (#6 is our fav!) Added bonus points if you stir up a batch of sweet tea or lemonade in a thermos and bring it along! The sense of freedom and singing your favorite songs at the top of your lungs is priceless. Making out in the car like crazy teenagers is the cherry on top!!!
  8. The Home Spa Experience- Light some candles and liberally apply the massage oil. Treat your honey to a loving rub down. In addition to the relaxation benefits, nothing says “I love you” like running your greedy little hands all over his body! If you’re lucky, a sexy massage leads to sexy time! (Pair this with #2 on this list for the Deluxe Package!!) We love this no cost date!
  9. Written Love Gems- Write little notes and leave them all over where your loved one can find them. Thoughtful and sweet, you and your honey will have fun trying to figure out if you’ve found them all!
  10. Bookstore Date- Go to your local big box bookstore and head to the love and romance section. Have fun reading cute, sexy and fun passages from the books available. We adore http://www.5lovelanguages.com/. Life changing!!
  11. Volunteer Together- Working together while helping out a great cause just feels awesome. Volunteering is a bonding experience. Whether it’s a soup kitchen or animal shelter, you are both making a difference together and giving back to your community.
  12. Naked Staycation- This one comes from my best guy friend….dedicate one weekend to this amazing sensory experience. Ditch the clothes and enjoy your staycation, naked! Cuddling and kissing are acceptable pass times. Try and hold out as long as you both can for sexy time. Waiting and experiencing each other heightens the fun and forces you to really appreciate intimacy with your sweetie! (Well done CTV!)

So their you have it! Our dozen amazing dates that won’t cost you a dime. We had so much fun creating this list, we are working on a part two! Please leave us a comment if you tried out anything on our list and stay tuned for more fun date ideas!

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