About Me

Hello lovely readers!  Welcome to Pink Collar Couture.  This blog will be filled with entertaining and helpful articles that will celebrate our femininity and explore our strengths as a community of ladies! We will discuss any topic that relates to how awesome we are as females and how strong we are as leaders!  Traditionally speaking, the term “Pink Collar” refers to jobs that have been held by women: secretaries, nurses and teachers to name a few.  The connotation is that of a lower paying job that pigeon holes women with very little hope for advancement.  Over the years women have clearly smashed through those professional barriers.  This blog celebrates our fight to carve out amazing lives for ourselves and help all our sisters that are still crafting their dream.  I passionately believe that women should support and help one another. NOT tear each other apart.  I am all about the girl power, but life wouldn’t be worth living without all the amazing men we love!  Boys don’t worry, I would never forget about you!  This blog is for you too!  From guest male bloggers to topics that interest you  (I’m a huge sports fan!), PCC lives for your happiness as well.

I have had many interesting experiences in my life, from working for a magician to working as a party planner, I have had a blast!  My current career as a 15 year veteran Police officer has really been exciting.  Believe me when I tell you, I work in a primarily male dominated field.  Female officers oftentimes have to be smarter and more clever than their male counterparts.  I have had to learn to be a bad ass, but still retain my feminine identity.  It gets tricky!  This gives me a very unique perspective on life.  In my career, I have to be tough and make quick decisions.  I have to be stern with the baddies on the street and still be able to fit in as “one of the guys.”  But I’m not a guy!!!  Sure I love football, but off duty, I’m a make-up lovin’, pink wearing, staunch anti-decision maker!  I love being a chick.  I revel in glittery sunglasses and swoon over a classy appetizer party!!  Why can’t I be a BOSS on the street and a princess at home??  I CAN…and so can you! As I like to say, PCC girls are always classy, sometimes sassy and a bit bad-assy!  Come on this unique journey with me ladies….It’s gonna be fun!!!

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