Women Who Hustle Like Mad and Enjoy the Gains!




Women Who Hustle, Welcome to Pink Collar Couture!

First off, fun, fearless females support and empower one another.  Period, end of story!  Pink Collar Couture Ladies aren’t insecure or intimidated.  They lift up others and offer a safe space to attain their Boss Babe objectives.  PCC girls are living their fab life and are happy to help others.  Furthermore,  this blog delivers content that inspires women who hustle like mad and perpetuates the gains! Most of all we support women, no judgement, no recrimination.  Anyone can achieve luxury and fabulousity regardless of age or status. In addition to great conversations,  awesome lifestyle tips and an amazing sorority of talented, helpful members, PCC will provide a supportive, strong community to share these experiences! Lastly, we will offer regular male-driven input.  We love men!  Every stubborn luscious one of them!  Gentlemen, think of this as taking a peek at our Lady Playbook!   Listen, learn and watch your PCC Lady crush it!

What is a Pink Collar Couture Lady?

I’m glad you asked!  Quick histrory lesson: The term Pink Collar, defines a type of job that was traditionally held by women.  Pink Collar jobs included secretaries, phone operators, teachers and other low paying jobs.  Women have since broken out of those gender definers and mastered every level of commerce, politics, public service and beyond!  Our modern term, “Pink Collar” defines today’s super hero Lady Boss.  A Pink Collar Couture Lady can run it in the board room and come home and knock out an amazing dinner.  As a result, a PCC Lady isn’t afraid to work hard to attain her dream life AND never ashamed to enjoy it to the fullest! Lastly, women should defend and support each other always, and that’s what PCC girls do….with extreme fabulousity!

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